Monday, January 08, 2007

New Years Resolutions...My word for the Year...

New Years Resolutions....I always make them. I like having goals, things to guide me throughout the year. This year they are fairly simple.
1.Get my Drivers Liscense.
2.Save Money and establish my Business
3.. Tone up and shape up my Body Ie:Lose the preggo Sag
4. Organise, Organise Organise.

I've been inspired by Ali Edwards and her latest challenge which is to get yourself One word that guides you and inpires you throughout the year...and mine guessed it...ORGANISE. It's the word that instantly popped into my mind and its been the word thats pops into my head every day since October....I need to get more organised. With a new baby in the house my life has changed again. In some ways its slowed down and in others ways its become much more challenging to get everything accomplished. This I know is where Organisation will save me. I feel better when my household is clean and organised so thats where I have been focusing my attention lately. Every day I tackle something and I have been happy with the results thus far. I'm in Deep clean Mode and I'm changing the way things are organised, developping better systems. I plan on implementing organisation into all areas of my life...such as developping schedules for the kids, especially my 5 year old. I will still stay flexible but it helps to have a routine. I want to really focus on getting myself on a routine where I tackle certain things everyday such cleaning/cooking/excercising/scrapbooking etc...I figure if I break things down and space them out they will actually get done faster rather than waiting until I have time. Lets take Scrapbooking for an example...I've been so busy I haven't scrapped since October!!! I figure if I do a bit everyday....such as picking out Pics one day, Printing another, finding the coordinating PP the next, than sketching out a plan, cutting, etc...I would actually get to scrap when I have time...but its very hard when I have to get all that done in one sitting...especially with a 5 month old that seems to want to wake up or need a lot of attention right when I have it in my mind that I have things I want to do...LOL Kids intuition...This lack of freetime means that cleaning has been hard to when I do get the time it's usually spent trying to clean...instead of scrapping....sigh....oh how I miss scrapping! Ali is right though...Creating is a choice and I choose to create...and thus I will Create a Organised Life that will enable be to Create I'll keep you posted!