Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm so excited!!!

I know I know I've been MIA for a bit but things have been so hectic round these parts....I swear I have a good reason. Ready?

I'm headed to my first ever major scrapbook event....I'm headed out to CKC Buffalo in like, 15 minutes!!! Now only a scrapbooker can begin to imagine the excitement that is building within me.....I'm scheduled for 10 classes and two major crops....AHHHHHhhhhhhhh Bliss!!!!! Not to mention the fact that I'm headed down there with some amazing scrapping buddies I've met through Scrapbook Star , I just know we are going to have a blast!!! Did I mention the amazing shopping I'm going to be doing....I'm salivating over here and I ain't even there yet! So all this being said and before any of you track me down and take my place...LOL I'm Outtie 5000....ok LAME. I'm out!

Talk to you!

Ok Ok

I couldn't leave without posting a pic of the cuties I'm leaving behind for 4 days....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get your Glad On!

No I am not talking about the ziplock baggies that are ever so useful in a houseful of kids....LOL

I'm talking about taking the time to reflect on the positive things/people in your life that just make you feel Glad. I've been totally inspired today by this idea put forth recently by Annie and have spent my morning really thinking about it and here goes;

Things that make me feel Glad as of today

  • My Mother coming home today after 2 months in (she does northern nursing way up north (think Arctic) for 2 months at a time)

  • Being a Mother to 2 fabulous boys

  • Being a Step-Mother to 4 awesome teenagers who are fast becoming exceptional young men!

  • Knowing that in 8 days I will be having a blast at CKC Buffalo with my amazing Scrapbook Star Message Board Friends!

  • Having my friend and client "love" the Wedding Invite Samples I made for her, getting the contract and receiving added praise and encouragement that "I can do this", make a career out creating art that is.

  • The return of warm weather, sandals, skin baring clothes, swimming and Barbeque's !

  • Ice Cappuccino's!!!! Starbucks, Timmies (Tim Hortons) and my homemade Nescafe version...I love them all!

  • My AMM Vituri Purse and matching wallet filled with my Boys & DH's Pictures...I'm loving this stylin' purse!

  • Having really great friends that have stood the test of time with me. I may not have a whole lot of close friends but the ones I have Rock!

  • Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking! It's opened up my world by enabling me to meet new people and experience and celebrate life in a whole new way. It makes me profoundly happy!

  • Hearing my baby Ajani trying to talk and watching him crawl! So cute!

  • Sharing an interest and a love of creating with my eldest son Ashanti. I just love how he cannot go a day without creating something he absolutely must draw, paint, color, cut, glue something several times a day! He reminds me so much of myself at his age and heck even now.

  • Waking up and snuggling my DH from behind while he washing dishes...

  • On the above note The smell of my DH makes me extremely happy! (is that animalistic or what? But I swear I just come up to him all the time to smell him! LOL)

  • Really nice, cute shoes! I get happy when I buy a new pair of shoes...I'm have about 200 pairs! ( hmm... maybe I need to find something new to get that happy about as I'm quickly running out of space to put them all....;) or I could just build another closet or kick DH out of his....)

  • My Picturemate Deluxe. I love that I can print awesome quality Pictures straight from home...perfect for those late night scrapping marathons!

  • My Cricut. This machine just rocks!

  • The Internet. I just love that information, friends, family, are just a click away.

  • Scrapbook Message boards and websites. Love Scrapbook Star for my amazing friendships there and just the whole down to earth, friendly vibe...not to mention the amazing online crops, online store, contests and the awesome LSS to go with it. Love the new SisTV site!!! It's beyond amazing...the webisodes, the gallery, the message board, I find myself getting lost there for hours! Love my daily ScrapBook Lifestyle Webisodes, I look forward to them every morning and have learned some very cool techiques from them. They continue to just inspire me and I love seeing how happy the finished albums make people! Doesn't scrapbooking rock???

  • Knowing that my cousin Tanika is close to five months pregnant and this being her first child, I couldn't be happier for her! Of course my mind is buzzing with ideas of all the items I am going to alter and make for her!

  • Knowing I am going to be an "Aunty" to my Best Friend Judith's soon to be here and in a RUSH, twin girls!!! How amazing is that! Double the PINK!

  • Scrapbook magazines and magazines in general...I am addicted to them and always feel giddy when I have a new one in my hands...

  • Cooking and baking with Ashanti

Gosh I'm seeing this list growing and I know I have tons more to add! But alas my baby Ajani has woken up and *needs*...LOL he's full blown howling I guess this is it for now!

**I haven't forgotten to post the Invites I just didn't get the chance to take pictures of them that day and my client has them right now...she is supposed to be dropping them off soon so when she does I will be sure to post them here! I'm so proud of how they turned out and can't wait to show you all!

talk to you

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm so excited....

Ok. I get super duper excited when I come across a cool and amazing Scrapbook product, seriously I get darn right giddy and simply must share the news with everyone I know. So what oh what has got me doin' the Happy Dance?

The Essential Glue Pad by Tsukineko. This little pad is amazing!!! I have been in "Wedding Invite Samples" hell and once I broke this baby out, my world brightened. I used it to stamp "Two become One" (used a Marcella by K & Co. clear stamp, another reason to be happy*) and then I quickly covered the stamped image with ultra fine silver glitter...The Results??? Clear, Defined and Bling'd out wordage...I almost swooned!

Now my mind is buzzing with the possibilities of this little wonder of a glue pad...oh I am going to have fun playing some more with it, I may need to some restraint or else Glitter will end up on even more pages than it already does....I am going to post some pics of the invites so you can see what I am talking about later tomorrow when the light is better.... or umm LOL, later today, I see it's 5:45am and I've been up ALL night!!! Funny how time flies when you are immersed in paper and glue.... That being said I suggest all of you run and go nab yourself one, seriously RUN, before I buy them all! LOL

*Now I couldn't sign off on this post without mentioning these stamps...I was wandering Winners (I *heart* that store) on Saturday and came across these clear Wedding stamps by Marcella by K (K& Co.) for get this....3.99!!! 11 clear stamps for about four dollars, an amazing find and most of all a well timed one!

I had been mulling over and over in mind ideas to decorate some of the Invites and was coming up with Nada. I went to the art store and saw a few stamps that looked interesting, yet they were going for $11-21 a piece and with a bride that is extremely vague on what she wants/likes I wasn't going to shell out the cash for something I wasn't sure absolutely positive I was going to use more than once! What's cool about this set of stamps is that it has awesome scrolls and words like Love that can be used for other themes so at that price it couldn't have been more perfect!

Don't you just love it when you come across a good bargain??? Especially when it's crafting related? I'd love to hear about your cool finds or any great reviews on some cool scrapbook products that have caused you to do "the Happy Dance" lately so feel free to leave me a post about it! Help feed my shopping addiction! ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am inspired....

OK so in light everyone waiting for me to get my new projects up here....(I know I know I'm slow for real)... thought I'd at the very least provide y'all with some inspiration.

See my Gurl Karla has been up to some cool things....she, along with some really cool and talented ladies have gone and created a way cool challenge site called One Little Word. It's a spin-off of Ali E's (and we all LOVE her, right?) Words challenge from a while back. See the premise is that each week they will post a Word that will be the inspiration for a Layout, Card, Altered name it...and get this...there is even an amazing knock your socks off prize for the first ready, set, GO!!!

You can be sure I am. I'm really excited by the whole idea...I'm a strong believer in the power of words. BIG Believer. Word Up! (I couldn't resist that one...)So you can call me a Wordster too, LOVE that!

Another really cool and inspiration site is the new Scrap in Style TV...also known as SIS. With amazing features, a groovy message board, videos, interviews, awesome kits and get this it's FREE! It's totally revolutionary and innovative and I love the message behind it, that we are a community of "sisters" and that we should be nice and encouraging toward each other no matter are differences of artistic style and opinions.
That being said I do believe I need to pull myself away from these very sites and umm....actually get to finishing these darn Wedding Invites as I am supposed to be meeting with my client and friend on Friday...EEKS. I have no idea why these invites are proving to be the bane of my existence...don't you just hate it when you get blockage? I tend to get it when I feel overwhelmed with a looming deadline..which of course makes it a major problem...Ahhh well, I'm just going to roll with it and try to work through it.
talk to you

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

In commemoration to this special day here's some pictures of my Mom and I,
Happy Mother's Day, I love you Mom!!!

On that note I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day! Being a Mother is a life changing experience as I 'm sure "we" all know just like "we" all know that everday should be Mother's Day! Have a great one!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

What a day...

Funny how one minute everything can be fine and smooth sailing and then in a flash your swept up in a Drama....

Today I took the kiddies to visit my Stepfather....a weekly family ritual. My Mother is out of town working (She's a Nurse Practitioner and does Northern Nursing...IE: She's up in the Arctic...) but even so I keep it up. He gets lonely and I know he enjoys our visits. Today went a little differently though...
We had only been there about an hour and I was trying to put the baby down for his nap when my stepfather barged into the guestroom to inform me that he wanted us OUT! To get Gone! Seems he was upset that DS (5 years old) had ripped a flower out of the garden and thrown a plastic water bottle into the street...(basically because DS was misbehaving... ) So he wanted us to leave and told me to call DH pronto...

I tried to get to the bottom of what was going on but he was just ranting that he wanted us gone now, I put the kids jackets on, grabbed the diaper bag & my purse and headed out to the bus stop (take note that my mother lives in the South Shore (The Burbs) a 2 1/2 by bus commute from my home...versus a 20 minute drive) Luckily DH was still in the area looking at house lots, etc...and came and got us...My Mother is Livid by the whole situation and is really pulling all the cards on this one. ...and I'm well...not really angry...just shocked really.

One thing is clear though...I absolutely must start studying for my driver's license, This is ridiculous! For those of you who don't know this about me I'm 26 years old and I still don't have my Driver's permit nor license. I just never felt the need to go do it when I was a teen because everything was within walking/bus distance. Later on I was involved in a car accident and for a year straight I had dreams of crashing a car...which I took to mean I should stay as far away from driving as possible. When that year ended though coincidentally two "old" friends (who were always in the dream) died in a car maybe the dream was not meant for me...

Flash forward to being busy with babies and school and I've taken the term PROCRASTINATION to the next level on that one! I don't think there's a week that doesn't go by that I don't curse to myself that I need to get on with it and do this. So that being said where did I put that book...hmmm. ;)

Totally unrelated...I've been mad busy creating all types of stuff...from LO's to altered canvases to wedding invites and will be uploading them real soon! I'm really having a blast but it also means I'm not really sleeping that much if at all....

Talk to you.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A little late posting this but it's important that ya'll know...

Ummmmm... I think a taxi driver tried to drug me the morning of NSD on my way to the Scrapbook Star NSD Crop....I know sounds crazy, right??? But I CAN"T shake the feeling that I am right. Here's my story.

I get a cabbie I recognize over the years (isn't it always someone you "feel" comfortable around) an elderly gentleman who is the VERY talkative type...he see's me and starts rambling on about how gorgeous I look today and oh how did I keep my figure after 2 kids, and how I look like a model, etc... OK nice but I mean he was really going on and on about it... so anyways we get on the highway and he turns around and quickly offers me a lifesavers (the peppermint kind) and rambles on about how it's refreshing etc... I'm a little tired at this point and take one and pop it into my mouth without really thinking...(DUH, NEVER TAKE STUFF FROM STRANGERS!!!) and within minutes as I am in a full out conversation with him I begin to feel WEIRD.

My mind begins to feel fuzzy, my chest starts pounding, I'm talking serious palpitations, my mouth feels like it is swelling up and as I am taking I begin to slur a few words...I mean I FELT a difference in my consciousness...I dabbled in extra-curricular's in my teens (plant and liquor related and underwent serious surgeries where morphine was involved).... so I know a high or a beginning of one when I feel it so I popped that candy out of my mouth, slipped it into my pocket and opened the window (he didn't see me do that). I then began to concentrate my mind on A) opening my cell phone and putting my DH's # at the ready, and opening my wallet to read him the exact address to show him I was still focused... and I breathed through it, rolled with it and sharpened my mind. (Sounds hokey but it got me through my last labour & delivery and kept me quiet and calm)...

He kept looking at me in the rearview mirror while he was talking a mile a minute about an increasing weird topic, prostitutes and how he could never "cheat" on his wife, and how he picked up a prostitute, and how what woman would be with him because he needs to sleep with an air machine, and oh have I been to this motel, etc... As we began to get closer to my destination he clearly became agitated and began to feverishly pop the lifesavers into his mouth for a few seconds and then spit them out his after the other...(perhaps to check if he had made a mistake and not given me the right one???)

Ladies...I just thank God I took that candy out of my mouth and got where I was going safely. I kept thinking about it all day and finally I called the police that night and informed them of the situation...they came and took the candy to perform tests on it and told me they will get back to me....we'll see from there.

I didn't want to cause trouble, but what if I'm right and this kook really tried to drug me??? I mean I keep thinking about my kids and whether or not harm just barely grazed me, perhaps even death...Gosh I could have not come home that dig?

All I can say as this really brought perspective home to me. Life is fragile, cherish it...all the more reason to scrapbook! (lol u know I had to bring it there!!!) It's also taught me a wonderful lesson that I would like to share with you in hopes that you do the same. Listen to your voice. The voice. God. Your Gut. Your Soul. However you want to call it. Do not for one second, doubt. Listen. I really believe that's what saved me.

I ended up researching "Date Rape" Drugs later on that night and my reactions were similar to those typically experienced by the drug Ketamine also known as Special K. here's a link http:// if you want to get informed and perhaps prevent this from happening to you or any of your loved ones. It would seem that date rape drugs are no longer just used in bars and Nightclubs! Scary stuff!

That being said, stay safe.
Talk to you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Look what I've been up to....

Love how this Mother's Day card turned out, I just know my Mother is going to love it! I used S.E.I. Winnie's Walls and a cool dollar store felt Flower find (don't ya'll just love the dollar store?!). Inside I used a Mother's Day Rub-On from the new MM Card sayings swatchbook...
I have been burning the midnight oil intent on crafting a blog I can call phat! So far I have a few Layouts up but I've come to realize I have tons of Layouts that are sitting in my albums that I haven't uploaded because I've been too lazy to scan and about procrastination...probably due to the fact that I don't stitch well...oh well I'm sure I will get the hang of it real soon! I want to see my new stuff up here because I find that my newest creations are more reflective of where I'm at creatively and they make me happy just seeing them!!! So that means I have to get off my lazy butt and get to scanning! look forward to seeing more of that in the next coming week.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've bee Tagged!

I've been tagged by the wonderful and very talented karla Dudley to write about 7 totally random facts about here goes!

1 ~ I am in fact black! African-American, call it how you see fit! I am light-skinned so I get weird puzzled questions family is a cool mix of Caribbean (Jamaican/Bajan), Black Canadian (not Nova Scotian), Dutch and somewhere in the mix Black Sicilian this is all courtesy of my mother! On my father's side we have good ole Irish and French Canadian...although he swears he's just Irish! Often times people just can't put their finger on my ethnicity, I get the whole Spanish thing ( Dominican in particular) a lot....even Moroccan....but nope I'm born and raised in a Caribbean/Canadian atmosphere and that's what I am, a crazy hybrid...but altogether happy to say I'm a proud black Sistren! Yah Mon.

2 ~ I have a deep connection to Jamaica, far before I got to visit it for myself I dreamed of it. Especially the ocean surrounding it. I remember being 12 and getting on the computer for the first time and trying out the Internet on some free AOL type ish (lol you done know what I'm talkin' about!) and signing up for a free catalogue from Sandals Resorts...Boy oh Boy when that catalogue came in, it became my bible! I dog eared it so much just flipping the pages and dreaming of "home". that's what it felt like to me. HOME. Flash forward some years later when my DH (a born and raised Jacan)brought me there and we stepped off the plane. The sense of belonging, the smell of the sea, the heat, the smell of the spices and flowers in the air...the smell of the red earth filled my senses and I was in heaven. Nothing compares to that feeling....and the feeling of swimming in the sea and just floating...ahhhhh.....I love Jamaica.
Years later we now have built our dream Villa there and that in itself is a dream come true for me. Blessed.

3 ~ I have always been artistic. I remember always winning competitions growing up in school and such. I love painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, cooking, cake name it if I can make it with my bare hands I'm into it! A total do it yourself kind of woman. I'm constantly thinking of stuff to create, stuff to make, brainstorming fact I call myself the Idea Generator...I just can't shut it off. (which can be a pain when you are trying to fall asleep) LOL
I love creating, it just feeds my soul. That rush of exhilaration and pride when I've created something that is perfect to me is just incredible. I love that my DS Ashanti is also very artistic, this is a bond that we share that enables me to really "get" him.

4 ~ I can be very erratic in my energy levels....I've been known to have frequent bouts of insomnia...a trait inherited from my father...that finds me up at all hours of the, baking, scrapbooking, cleaning, etc... Took awhile for my DH to get used to this when we first moved in together...
I especially get this way when I am upset and angry...I feel the need to clean. Hmmmm...wonder if this is why DH makes himself a pain sometimes...maybe he just wants me to clean more...;)

sidenote. My need to be constantly tidying up drives my friends nuts at times...who by the way call me.....

5 ~ The black Martha Stewart because I love to craft, cook, bake and throw parties complete with theme's and homemade deco and loot bags, etc...
I personally love this title as I *heart* me some Martha! I've often wanted to go into event planning for this very reason...I just love it, it's a strong passion of mine. So much so that it is my ultimate dream to host events (scrapbook retreats and tours) out of my villa in Jamaica. This would tie in all my passions into one beautiful dream come true.

6 ~ Before going into Fashion Design and then subsequently Fashion Marketing I dreamt of being a Oceanographer...because of my love of the sea and everything in it. Then I thought about becoming a Chef because I am passionate about cooking and baking.... finally settling for the glamorous (not!) Fashion Industry...

7 ~ I've always felt connected to ancient Egypt so much so that I have the Egyptian goddess Kasmet also known as Bast tattooed on my back, right between my shoulder blades. I love this tattoo, especially because I designed it! I also love mermaids....I used to pretend I was one while bathing or swimming when I was a child. Which leads me to my love of fantasy. Merlin, witches, fairies, you name it I love it! I love mysticism. The unknown, the make-believe. the magic.

So that's it, 7 random facts about to tag some unsuspecting friends....hehehe....

Ahhh it would seem a lot of them have been tagged already! lets see who's left...
OK I tag Elisabeth at, Veronica at
and anybody else who happens to lurk or stumble onto my humble work in progress....
Here are the Rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on there own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. Don't forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!