Thursday, June 07, 2007

And fun was had by All !

I have been way late in posting this, silly me saved it as a draft instad of posting it!

I just want to say CKC Buffalo was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Seriously. I had one heck of a time. I could not have chosen better travelling companions, I mean really these women ROCK! I had so much fun chatting with them, cropping with them and laughing with them!

We found a cool bar in Buffalo that is called the Chocolate Bar... where they serve up.....Chocolate Martini's, and a slew of other yummy conconctions, like the swedish fish martini...another absolute must try! Lets just say we made this are official Haunt! picture this. After spending all day in scrapbooking classes and then at a night crop until 11pm we would head here and grab ourselves some sinful martini's....Ahhh Bliss right??? What could be better than that right?.... well..............

Mouthwatering chocolate fondue??? complete with an array of yummy dippers such as homemade pistachio cookies, strawberries, pineapple, marshmellows, pretzel sticks, chips, etc... YUMMY and oh so pretty how the waiter would come and sprinkle rose petals on the table before he would set up the fondue...details such as these really add to life don't cha think?

Chocolate shots anyone???

Now that I have you drooling with me...lets get to the nitty gritty....the classes!

I took so many but out of all of them two stand out to me...and both are by Stacy Julian. This woman is even more inspirational in real life, let me tell you! And I know why. She speaks from a place of truth. Authenticity has a way of touching people at their core and believe me she touched me. I really enjoyed listening to her and opening my mind and heart to her ideas...because really she was speaking about things I knew in my soul to be true, feelings I myself had thought about but not dared to delve into. Powerful stuff.

So without a doubt if you ever have the chance to meet her, grab a class by her...Do So, you will not for one second regret that you did. She is very very very good at what she does. VERY!

Here's Stacy and I posin' for the camera (that Cutie in the right is her son Taft...he was there with her and was so cute..he was helping give out prizes and even graced us with his super cool comedy routine and he's good!)

As far as the other classes go I was pretty happy with them...especially the Papecrafts card making fun and the cards are so pretty! A bonus was the cool Technique Tuesday stamps we cute!

The disappointments??? would have to be the Little Back Dress Designs Classes...of which I took three! The instructor and owner was great, she's really nice and very she had great style! It's the projects that were...BLAH! In all three classes we worked on the same Tag albums and the finished result was...just well...boring. I expected more especially since these were 21$ classes, not the same material for all three very different classes....I will not be taking classes from them next year that is for sure. They may be better suited to a beginner scrapbooker...IMO

Yep you heard right...I'm gong again next year. I'm so making this a yearly thing as long as CK keeps bringing CKC/CKU to Buffalo you can count on me going! It was that Fun!

I went crazy with the shopping...absolutely nuts! I was just in heaven being surrounded by all this amazing product and the prices...oh my...the could I resist? My favorite buys of all have to be the yummy kits I picked up by The Button Farm. These kits are so gorgeous and so generous and so easy to follow. I picked up 3! I was so inspired by their Motherhood Album I got to work on it right then and there at the Nightly Crops...with the intention of gifting it my Mother for her 50th Birthday...well she loves it!
Told you I went crazy ya'll!

and here's some of the free loot!

I have projects to finish and get posted and I finally got the wedding invites back so I will post them as soon as I get the chance!