Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's been an embarassingly long time since my last post....

But please bear with me! My computer has up and died on me! It won't even turn on...well it does does give me a weird beeping noise. For awhile I had my DH's laptop but it worked on a wireless connection that was very picky on who it chose to work for...can you guess that I was rarely one of them. LOL

It took me awhile to figure out that I should just plug the darn thing into my modem that was previously being used by my computer...Duh! Gosh it's been awhile!! What's new? TONS lets see schools started and DS is officially a grade 1 student who has declared that school is boring because he has to do "work' all day and if he was the principle he would let the kids Play all day! LOL and so it starts....

Ajani is walking as of last Friday and he is just so proud of himself (as am I baby is getting so big!) and is doing it constantly!

I've been mad creative and have done tons of projects...although quite a few have been for other people. with clients comes Drama so I've had my share of that too... sigh. but that comes with the territory.

I'm working on getting a new computer or endlessly for the technician that seems to never want to come. Hmph. Guess that's what you get when you are getting a friend (a.k.a free) to do it. might end up just buying another one. I accept donations, cash only... ;)
ok. joking. well mostly. ;)

All my pictures of my scrap stuff are on the comatose 'puter so I guess this post is a tad on the boring side...I like posts with pictures, eye candy... you know? I have a new Banner just have to scan it and get it up here...

Not much else to say. I'm sleep deprived at the moment and still on the net. tearing myself away to actually get some rest.
talk to you.