Friday, March 23, 2007

Square One

I haven't posted in such a long time. I was going to scratch everything and start afresh when my hired web guy got this here blog to look Bonafyde Certified. But Alas said Web Guy has left me hanging. Seems he cannot commit to my project I'ma do what I have to do and should have done from the get go. Do the damn thang. Myself! LOL So bear with me. I know its a little boring to look at but expect big things. Or Big Tings Soon Come as we say it in Jamaican patois! If any of you want to throw some help, tips or expertise my way it would be much much appreciated!
I keep playing with the Bogger Templates but they (Ahem) leave a lot to be desired...going to see what I can do about that. toying with the idea of moving to another host.
Next up? Cooler Banner cuz' what's Phat about this one??? LOL
Also have to upload all my LO's & Projects and then get them up here...
Good Lawd Help Me


Karla said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Girl I hear ya! Ever since Blogger changed thie HTML I can't seem to get aq banner to stay up without fooling with other things. I made a sweet banner for my girlfriend and soon after she couldn't see peoples faces on her comments page n' junk! I was sad :( But hey...When I found out the magic secret I will most definaltely let you know. Good luck and Bad Bad page designer guy! Spread his name...what a meany!!!!!

Oh and my picture is just not there so don't think it's your blog! LOL!!!!!

Chat soon

Karla said...

Hey honey...I'm back...

Youv'e been tagged! Check out my blog kay?