Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been Tagged

I'm a big fan of Mystele's blog and she tagged all her blog friends today and I like to think of her as just that... an artsy cool  friend that never fails to bring a smile to my face every time she posts or vlogs. The kicker is that by doing so one of her art pieces is up for grabs...Ohhh Ohhh Ohh Pick Me!!!!! lol Seriously I love her art because it comes from the Soul and would love to hang it up on my wall of inspiration. So enough gushing already here's my six randoms...

1) I have always battled bouts of insomnia.  I love to be up late feeling like I am all alone in the world... everyone else asleep while I while away the hours painting, scrapping and reading up on art, painting, creativity, photography, scrapbooking... you name it. After having my two kids it's only gotten worse, it's the only "ME" time I get. the downside is that as I get older it is taking a toll on me so I've recently been trying to reign it in and go to bed earlier during the weekdays at the very least.

2)I get really cranky when I don't get enough "ME" time. I need solitude, time to just putter, time to get messy with paint and paper, time to watch movies or CSI episodes ,time to crochet, time to cook or bake,  time to just be by myself and be as dorky as I want to be. Many people are surprised by my actual interests and hobbies when they find out. It always gets a big laugh. My friends & family  refer to me as the Black Martha. I don't get embarrassed by it, I stand by what brings me joy. I actually find it some what funny that these hobbies would be seen in that uncool light because people will pay top dollar for the 
finished product of these art  forms... and also sad that something as simple as cooking/baking has become a lost art as is ma
ny other handicrafts. 

3)My grandma used to say I had an old soul because I was always most comfortable with adults or kids much older than me. No wonder that my husband is 14 years older than me (which is why at only 27 years old I have 4 step boys who range from 15-21). I also find I get along much better with women who are older than me...I have friends who are the same age as my Mother, who is also my BF (despite are bickering at times lol), and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

4)I LOVE greens! Especially Rapini also known as Brocolli Rabe. Give me a bowl of Spinach, Callaoo, Kale or Okra cooked up with some garlic and I am in heaven. I love my salads to be made with dark greens too and even blend them all up with an apple for added sweetness to create healthy Green drinks.

5)My favorite place to be in the entire world has got to be back home in Jamaica. The moment my plane gets close and I look out my window and see Montego Bay airport and the ocean touching land I get excited.  As I step off the plane I take a huge, deep breath of that gloriously fragrant air full of the heady scent of the red earth below and the salty freshness of the coast with a mix of florals and spices. MMMMMMMMMmmmmm. That smell is BLISS to me. If I could bottle it and carry it with me on my return to our home here in Canada, I would. It would really come in handy, especially this time of year when the snow is everywhere and it is so blasted cold. 
(sorry that sounds a bit bitter but we have been experiencing "arctic winds" with temperatures ranging from -20 to -33c... it is BEYOND cold ya'll!)
 I can close my eyes and hear the sounds of the ocean crashing on the rocks right outside my bedroom window, I can imagine waking up when the roosters start to crow (4:30-5 a.m.) and it being really bright outside and seeing the ocean glittering beneath the sky... beckoning me to come for a swim. Ahhh....take me away.
 I dream of the day when I can divide up my time between living here in Montreal, Canada and White House, Jamaica. I imagine that I could bring small groups out there for artist retreats. I imagine teaching art courses at the huge University out there. I imagine going to all the locations I love and discovering more and taking photographs, documenting the country and landscape that I love then heading back to the studio and translating that further in my art. I imagine banquets under the stars and adventure's under the sun. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

6) I get along best with men. Yep. I think that growing up the first girl born into a family of plenty of boys and men really gave me a whole different outlook and reasoning. My best friend in the whole world is man, we've been friends now going on 15 years. We talk every single day, sometimes for hours at a time. Coincidentally he ended up dating and fathering a child by my husbands cousin. I say friend but really he's family.

 That was fun. I'd love to hear your randoms, but hate to impose a tag on my blog friends. So if you feel like playing along post 6 random things about yourself and let me know that you did. :)

On the creative tip; 

 I altered a Tv/Laptop tray for my Mother this past weekend.
 I kept the design very streamlined and simple and chose to do o for two reasons.
1) To highlight the  huge picture of the boys and the quote to go with it
2)I didn't want anything too textured or bumpy because this will have to be a functional laptop tray for my Mother to use.

 This was an easy project and I am really happy with how it turned out. I started with a UGLY  tv/laptop tray (the kind with a tray on top and a pellow underneath) that had a print of a horse painting on it. I then took some sandpaper to the laminated surface of the print to give it some tooth upon with I used gel medium to glue down some yummy scrapbook papers by the company Chatterbox. I printed out a 8x11 precious picture of my sons sleeping and adhered it to the tray with glue dots. Next came some Alpha stickers for my quote, Home is where the Heart is..., a layer of acetate to protect everything from  wear and tear and a yummy ribbon to finish it off. 

I apologize for the bad photos but lighting at my Mother's house is rather poor and the acetate was causing a glare. 

My Mother is a nurse practitioner who works out of town doing  northern  nursing way up in the Arctic so she is gone  for 2-3 months at a time. She has often complained of getting a cramp in her neck from having to bend over her laptop on tables and of a hot laptop on her lap. So I thought she would enjoy sitting in a bed or chair with this. The added bonus; a piece of home she could look down at whenever she was feeling lonely. 

Turns out she loved it!!!

Hope she doesn't kill me for popping this picture up on here, with her hair all wild! Love ya Mom!


Anonymous said...

Hey, woman! I loved reading about you, especially your Jamaica dreams. A friend invited me on an all expense paid trip to her wellness retreat there. So going! Thanks for posting your TV tray. It's wonderful. I found you through Mystele's blog, and posted my random things. Thanks, and peace!

mystele said...

oh my goodness! we are so much alike. i totally am a pain in the butt if i don't get my alone time... the gift for your mom is so cool!

i hope you will be able to work at home-jamaica someday. the word imagery is just gorgeous. ♥

Shell said...

I love Mystele too. I got tagged twice in less than two weeks. I enjoyed the things you shared. I need lots of Me time as well. I grew up an only child, so I am use to that automatically. The tray you made is lovely. Your mom looks cute in the picture.

Stephanie Joanna said...

#5 DOES sound like heaven!!! I'd sign up for a week of art in Jamaica. :oD

Charlene said...

I totally love your Blog and check it often for inspiration. Your dreams are so to become a reality. I am already making plans with me scrappy buddies to go to your retreat. lol

That tray is so precious!!

tascha said...

Hey guess what? You won tonight's draw~
You can send me your address via a convo at etsy.

Sasha said...

Girl Jamaica me and you need to get on a cruise one of these days .. lol .. how you doing girlie .. I loved reading your post boo ... I was all on my elbow and comfortable and stuff..


~EssenseVibez~ said...

hey sis----glad you stopped by to visit me---your hair is beautiful!---and the tray ia awesome---i know you're mom is lovin' that tray---stop by when you cann and enjoy the ride at my place---*PS i'm lovn' your musiq too!*

~EssenseVibez~ said...

email me---i have sumthin for ya!!

Babydoll said...

Saw your post on Essense Vibez's blog. Hope you don't mind me stopping by. Great story about the natural hair. I love that TV tray. I've been wanting to try one of those, but wasn't sure how to protect the picture once it was on there. Thanks for the tips and your project turned out great!

Dina said...

Howdy! You won a free pass to my art journaling class, congrats!! :) Just email me and I'll tell ya how to get signed up. Hugs!

stephanie said...

Hi Meaghan! I got your comment on my site about the Bernat Chunky yarn for the Convertible Cowl pattern. I am looking at it online and it looks fairly chunky.

What I would do is work up the first 3 rows or so and see what you think. The Alpaca yarn that I used in the pattern photo is a super chunky and pretty fluffy. I taught a class at my LYS and one of my students made the cowl with a worsted weight yarn and it turned out great! See what you think after the first couple of rows. If you decide to go with it and after you are finished you want to give it a little more fluff, try throwing it into the dryer with a damp towel on low heat for a little while. That should loosen up the fibers a little.

=) Thanks for leaving a comment...I'd love to see how it turns out!

Bri said...

Came by to say hullo and to send some West Indian love your way.
Love your blog!

Kiandra said...

oh my....we are sooo much alike...i love brocoli to no fact my dinner for the past 5 nights have centered around my favorite green trees... wonderful and amazing to meet a kindred soul!

Courtney Baker said...

Love your tray!

Shona Cole said...

I came here via OWOH giveaway and glad I did. I so enjoyed reading about you, what a sweet lady. I love that tray idea, it turned out great.

wishing you all the best

rochambeau said...

Hello Meaghan!
So glad to find you here!
The tray you created for your mom is peaceful and beautiful!


wyanne said...

Love the tray. I love that you kept the design simple. It's much more powerful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making my day with your wonderful comment. Love, Wyanne

Danielle said...

that's a great idea for a tray! love it!

wyanne said...

I couldn't find your email, so I'm leaving another comment on your blog. Thanks for your positive thoughts on my blog post and for entering my weekly contest! I really appreciate it. You made my day!

Ria said...

Dear Meaghan.......
At least we are alike for three things......being a night owl till the end, being an old soul, and the green things! LOL.
Your tray is precious!
Keep on the good work, girl! :)





Congratulations on your win...Please send me an email stating your size and the color, pink, black/grey, brown or blue...that you would like your t-shirt in...don't forget to send your address too...

Sharon said...

Hey, I'm just stopping in to say Hi and thank you for visiting my place. We do have some things in common and that was fun to read. The night owl thing....well now I have go to bed at a decent time and get up way early for the same quiet "me" time. Oh yes, greens, I could get any kind twice a day every day. One more thing, isn't Mystele the greatest!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous tray--of course she loved it!

I just received the postcard you made from me in the iHanna swap. I love it! Thanks so much!


Hey,,,,what's up? Did you receive your shirt? and thanks for the message on today's minded sisters...

Tara said...

Hi Meaghan - a belated thank you for my lovely postcard! I just got back from my 2 and a half month trip to New Zealand and was very happy to find your gorgeous card in my post pile!

mellowbeing said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks so much for your lovely postcard. I know I'm a bit late.. but hey, it can't hurt right? :) Hope all is well!


Patricia St Martin said...

Wanted to thank you for stopping at my blog and such a nice comment. I hope you enjoyed Color Me Creative Blog Hop. All the girls did such a stunning job on their cards. Good luck on all the prizes.
Hugs, Patricia

Marie Gamber said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!
I think your altered creation is just wonderful! I know your mom loved it!
Marie XX