Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Fresh Start

How's that for a cliche title? Well as cheesy as it sounds for my first post of  the New Year it is oh so appropriate non the less.  Despite a wonky blog start and personally getting caught up in wanting things to be just so, I've decided to jump in and just go with the flow. All the fancy bits and pieces will fall into place as I go along.

 What can  I say I'm a work in progress! If I'm lucky enough to garner any blog friends then that's great and if not I'm OK with that. I just want a place to dish on my life, to document the everyday things that I find fascinating, frustrating, inspirational and just cool. 

I want to be able to share my in progress projects, my artwork, my scrappy projects and anything else I think is inspiring and hopefully in turn I can invoke inspiration in those that stop by and in return be inspired by them. I'm all for it! But the really cool thing is that at the end of each year I will be able to  turn to this blog and see a documentation of my journey and see my own personal growth and that is what I think is so awesome about a blog. The documentation and the accountability it lends to your own journey. 

That being said I have jumped on the Project 365 bandwagon along  with my Scrapbook Star friends and despite my first week being a bust ( I missed a few days) I have decided not to worry about it and just go with it, so I'm starting fresh with the above pic. A fresh start and a great excuse to break out the oh so freakin' cute rain boots!

 Hot pink paired with polka dots, I mean really could it get any cuter?  Not sure my DH agrees but I have gotten tons of compliments on them from other savvy women... mind you I didn't bust them during winter but when inspiration hits... go with it, right? Please note that my neighbors (who all seemed to be arriving home during the course of this shoot) now officially think I am nuts. Who else spends over 20 minutes outside freezing their booty off and getting frostbitten fingers while trying to get the perfect shot? I'm sure someone out in Blogland can relate, I know I am not be alone. ;) at least this is what I tell myself...

 So after scurrying inside, (who am I kidding, I practically kicked down the door!) I contemplated how nice it would be to indulge in a hot chocolate but decided against it because I am back in Full Training Mode. This means I have been going to bed early and waking up at 4 a.m. to be at the gym for 5 a.m. and training until 6:30-40 a.m. and back home in time to get my eldest up, ready and off to school. I have to say I am loving it! I love that focused, exhilarated feeling I get during and after a workout and I find it really sets the tone for the rest of my day. I have more energy to keep up with my boys and my attitude is much more upbeat.

 I've also noticed that the early bedtime has worked wonders on my energy levels and my face! (goodbye under-eye circles, hello fresh and clear skin!) Now all I have to figure out  is how to rearrange my day to be able to include creative time as I used to paint or scrap late at night after the kids were asleep. Considering Mon-Wed is gym time and Thurs-Fri is home workouts I suppose I could  go to bed a tad later although I plan on sticking to a early bed time in relation to my old late night ways... and there is always the weekend!

 My goal right now is to increase my overall fitness level, tone up this 2 kid bootay and decrease my bodyfat. I want to see muscles! lol All this talk of goals leads me to this, my word for the year;


 Being a huge fan of Ali E  and her idea of having a word that sums up your focus, your goal or feeling for the coming year I decided that this year was not a year for contemplation, procrastination or dreaming... nope! If last year was about wanting Change (props Obama!) then surely this year was all about ACTing on what I felt needed changing. So that's my philosophy this year. ACT now on all my hidden desires, to-do lists, goals and the like. Figure it out as I go along. I'm not perfect but I'll never know if they could be done if I don't get out there and just do it, just ACT on them. 

So that's what I leave you with today. Here's to a fresh start, I wish you all a Happy New Year and continued blessings. Lets get 2009 started with a bang shall we!.... or at the very least lets step out in some cute footwear! lol

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mystele said...

oh my goodness!!! i'm SO glad you're posting again! yes!!!! can't wait to see how you ACT this year.

Shell said...

I love your picture. Kudos for standing in the cold to get the right picture. The things we do for our blogs. I love your word for the year. I wish you a great 2009!!!

mystele said...

yay! thanks for the pencil help. i'll pass it along, too.

Sasha said...

Bout time you back boo ... what is going on girl .. I love the post and I am up too in the morning going to the gym and it is going great .. P90x is a beast you need to get that boo ... thanks for adding me over at Sis too ...girl I was going to do that 365 but I am wayyy behind LMAO ...

Shelley Haganman said...

L-O-V-E the photo!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that photo!! ALMOST... only almost LOL makes me miss the snow.