Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Get your Glad On!

No I am not talking about the ziplock baggies that are ever so useful in a houseful of kids....LOL

I'm talking about taking the time to reflect on the positive things/people in your life that just make you feel Glad. I've been totally inspired today by this idea put forth recently by Annie and have spent my morning really thinking about it and here goes;

Things that make me feel Glad as of today

  • My Mother coming home today after 2 months in (she does northern nursing way up north (think Arctic) for 2 months at a time)

  • Being a Mother to 2 fabulous boys

  • Being a Step-Mother to 4 awesome teenagers who are fast becoming exceptional young men!

  • Knowing that in 8 days I will be having a blast at CKC Buffalo with my amazing Scrapbook Star Message Board Friends!

  • Having my friend and client "love" the Wedding Invite Samples I made for her, getting the contract and receiving added praise and encouragement that "I can do this", make a career out creating art that is.

  • The return of warm weather, sandals, skin baring clothes, swimming and Barbeque's !

  • Ice Cappuccino's!!!! Starbucks, Timmies (Tim Hortons) and my homemade Nescafe version...I love them all!

  • My AMM Vituri Purse and matching wallet filled with my Boys & DH's Pictures...I'm loving this stylin' purse!

  • Having really great friends that have stood the test of time with me. I may not have a whole lot of close friends but the ones I have Rock!

  • Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking, Scrapbooking! It's opened up my world by enabling me to meet new people and experience and celebrate life in a whole new way. It makes me profoundly happy!

  • Hearing my baby Ajani trying to talk and watching him crawl! So cute!

  • Sharing an interest and a love of creating with my eldest son Ashanti. I just love how he cannot go a day without creating something he absolutely must draw, paint, color, cut, glue something several times a day! He reminds me so much of myself at his age and heck even now.

  • Waking up and snuggling my DH from behind while he washing dishes...

  • On the above note The smell of my DH makes me extremely happy! (is that animalistic or what? But I swear I just come up to him all the time to smell him! LOL)

  • Really nice, cute shoes! I get happy when I buy a new pair of shoes...I'm have about 200 pairs! ( hmm... maybe I need to find something new to get that happy about as I'm quickly running out of space to put them all....;) or I could just build another closet or kick DH out of his....)

  • My Picturemate Deluxe. I love that I can print awesome quality Pictures straight from home...perfect for those late night scrapping marathons!

  • My Cricut. This machine just rocks!

  • The Internet. I just love that information, friends, family, are just a click away.

  • Scrapbook Message boards and websites. Love Scrapbook Star for my amazing friendships there and just the whole down to earth, friendly vibe...not to mention the amazing online crops, online store, contests and the awesome LSS to go with it. Love the new SisTV site!!! It's beyond amazing...the webisodes, the gallery, the message board, I find myself getting lost there for hours! Love my daily ScrapBook Lifestyle Webisodes, I look forward to them every morning and have learned some very cool techiques from them. They continue to just inspire me and I love seeing how happy the finished albums make people! Doesn't scrapbooking rock???

  • Knowing that my cousin Tanika is close to five months pregnant and this being her first child, I couldn't be happier for her! Of course my mind is buzzing with ideas of all the items I am going to alter and make for her!

  • Knowing I am going to be an "Aunty" to my Best Friend Judith's soon to be here and in a RUSH, twin girls!!! How amazing is that! Double the PINK!

  • Scrapbook magazines and magazines in general...I am addicted to them and always feel giddy when I have a new one in my hands...

  • Cooking and baking with Ashanti

Gosh I'm seeing this list growing and I know I have tons more to add! But alas my baby Ajani has woken up and *needs*...LOL he's full blown howling I guess this is it for now!

**I haven't forgotten to post the Invites I just didn't get the chance to take pictures of them that day and my client has them right now...she is supposed to be dropping them off soon so when she does I will be sure to post them here! I'm so proud of how they turned out and can't wait to show you all!

talk to you


Eminepala said...

Wow girl, I don't know where to start... Your guys are SO HANDSOME... Scrapbooking is where I'm glad about too ;)
Glad your mom is coming home YAY

I want to taste those cupcakes LOL


Lisa said...

I love all this GLADness - making me glad i'm checking all the SIStv bloggers today!

jess said...

Awwwweee, your boys are adorable!!!
Xx Jess

Beckie said...

WooHoo what a lot of gladness going on! FAb! and you have such gorgeous wee ones :)

Karla said...

Ok...Your boy is so cute I want to take him home. I am so glad to see him and cookin'? I can't even tell you how GORGEOUS you are. Please just do not make me go there!

I am glad you shared all that makes you happy...seriously sweet. I hope one day we can meet like you met everyone at CKU. One day hu?

Chat with you pretty butt soon