Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm so excited....

Ok. I get super duper excited when I come across a cool and amazing Scrapbook product, seriously I get darn right giddy and simply must share the news with everyone I know. So what oh what has got me doin' the Happy Dance?

The Essential Glue Pad by Tsukineko. This little pad is amazing!!! I have been in "Wedding Invite Samples" hell and once I broke this baby out, my world brightened. I used it to stamp "Two become One" (used a Marcella by K & Co. clear stamp, another reason to be happy*) and then I quickly covered the stamped image with ultra fine silver glitter...The Results??? Clear, Defined and Bling'd out wordage...I almost swooned!

Now my mind is buzzing with the possibilities of this little wonder of a glue pad...oh I am going to have fun playing some more with it, I may need to some restraint or else Glitter will end up on even more pages than it already does....I am going to post some pics of the invites so you can see what I am talking about later tomorrow when the light is better.... or umm LOL, later today, I see it's 5:45am and I've been up ALL night!!! Funny how time flies when you are immersed in paper and glue.... That being said I suggest all of you run and go nab yourself one, seriously RUN, before I buy them all! LOL

*Now I couldn't sign off on this post without mentioning these stamps...I was wandering Winners (I *heart* that store) on Saturday and came across these clear Wedding stamps by Marcella by K (K& Co.) for get this....3.99!!! 11 clear stamps for about four dollars, an amazing find and most of all a well timed one!

I had been mulling over and over in mind ideas to decorate some of the Invites and was coming up with Nada. I went to the art store and saw a few stamps that looked interesting, yet they were going for $11-21 a piece and with a bride that is extremely vague on what she wants/likes I wasn't going to shell out the cash for something I wasn't sure absolutely positive I was going to use more than once! What's cool about this set of stamps is that it has awesome scrolls and words like Love that can be used for other themes so at that price it couldn't have been more perfect!

Don't you just love it when you come across a good bargain??? Especially when it's crafting related? I'd love to hear about your cool finds or any great reviews on some cool scrapbook products that have caused you to do "the Happy Dance" lately so feel free to leave me a post about it! Help feed my shopping addiction! ;)