Friday, May 11, 2007

A little late posting this but it's important that ya'll know...

Ummmmm... I think a taxi driver tried to drug me the morning of NSD on my way to the Scrapbook Star NSD Crop....I know sounds crazy, right??? But I CAN"T shake the feeling that I am right. Here's my story.

I get a cabbie I recognize over the years (isn't it always someone you "feel" comfortable around) an elderly gentleman who is the VERY talkative type...he see's me and starts rambling on about how gorgeous I look today and oh how did I keep my figure after 2 kids, and how I look like a model, etc... OK nice but I mean he was really going on and on about it... so anyways we get on the highway and he turns around and quickly offers me a lifesavers (the peppermint kind) and rambles on about how it's refreshing etc... I'm a little tired at this point and take one and pop it into my mouth without really thinking...(DUH, NEVER TAKE STUFF FROM STRANGERS!!!) and within minutes as I am in a full out conversation with him I begin to feel WEIRD.

My mind begins to feel fuzzy, my chest starts pounding, I'm talking serious palpitations, my mouth feels like it is swelling up and as I am taking I begin to slur a few words...I mean I FELT a difference in my consciousness...I dabbled in extra-curricular's in my teens (plant and liquor related and underwent serious surgeries where morphine was involved).... so I know a high or a beginning of one when I feel it so I popped that candy out of my mouth, slipped it into my pocket and opened the window (he didn't see me do that). I then began to concentrate my mind on A) opening my cell phone and putting my DH's # at the ready, and opening my wallet to read him the exact address to show him I was still focused... and I breathed through it, rolled with it and sharpened my mind. (Sounds hokey but it got me through my last labour & delivery and kept me quiet and calm)...

He kept looking at me in the rearview mirror while he was talking a mile a minute about an increasing weird topic, prostitutes and how he could never "cheat" on his wife, and how he picked up a prostitute, and how what woman would be with him because he needs to sleep with an air machine, and oh have I been to this motel, etc... As we began to get closer to my destination he clearly became agitated and began to feverishly pop the lifesavers into his mouth for a few seconds and then spit them out his after the other...(perhaps to check if he had made a mistake and not given me the right one???)

Ladies...I just thank God I took that candy out of my mouth and got where I was going safely. I kept thinking about it all day and finally I called the police that night and informed them of the situation...they came and took the candy to perform tests on it and told me they will get back to me....we'll see from there.

I didn't want to cause trouble, but what if I'm right and this kook really tried to drug me??? I mean I keep thinking about my kids and whether or not harm just barely grazed me, perhaps even death...Gosh I could have not come home that dig?

All I can say as this really brought perspective home to me. Life is fragile, cherish it...all the more reason to scrapbook! (lol u know I had to bring it there!!!) It's also taught me a wonderful lesson that I would like to share with you in hopes that you do the same. Listen to your voice. The voice. God. Your Gut. Your Soul. However you want to call it. Do not for one second, doubt. Listen. I really believe that's what saved me.

I ended up researching "Date Rape" Drugs later on that night and my reactions were similar to those typically experienced by the drug Ketamine also known as Special K. here's a link http:// if you want to get informed and perhaps prevent this from happening to you or any of your loved ones. It would seem that date rape drugs are no longer just used in bars and Nightclubs! Scary stuff!

That being said, stay safe.
Talk to you.