Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am inspired....

OK so in light everyone waiting for me to get my new projects up here....(I know I know I'm slow for real)... thought I'd at the very least provide y'all with some inspiration.

See my Gurl Karla has been up to some cool things....she, along with some really cool and talented ladies have gone and created a way cool challenge site called One Little Word. It's a spin-off of Ali E's (and we all LOVE her, right?) Words challenge from a while back. See the premise is that each week they will post a Word that will be the inspiration for a Layout, Card, Altered name it...and get this...there is even an amazing knock your socks off prize for the first ready, set, GO!!!

You can be sure I am. I'm really excited by the whole idea...I'm a strong believer in the power of words. BIG Believer. Word Up! (I couldn't resist that one...)So you can call me a Wordster too, LOVE that!

Another really cool and inspiration site is the new Scrap in Style TV...also known as SIS. With amazing features, a groovy message board, videos, interviews, awesome kits and get this it's FREE! It's totally revolutionary and innovative and I love the message behind it, that we are a community of "sisters" and that we should be nice and encouraging toward each other no matter are differences of artistic style and opinions.
That being said I do believe I need to pull myself away from these very sites and umm....actually get to finishing these darn Wedding Invites as I am supposed to be meeting with my client and friend on Friday...EEKS. I have no idea why these invites are proving to be the bane of my existence...don't you just hate it when you get blockage? I tend to get it when I feel overwhelmed with a looming deadline..which of course makes it a major problem...Ahhh well, I'm just going to roll with it and try to work through it.
talk to you